Chinese Radish, Red Meat (OP) Seeds ~AKA,Watermelon Radish , Roseheart Radish or China Rose . Organic Heirloom (Open Pollinated)


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Raphanus sativus
Chinese Radish, Red Meat (OP) 200 Seeds ~(55 days) Sometimes called ,Watermelon Radish , Roseheart Radish or China Rose . Organic

Radishes have been around since the time of the Romans, but this radish Watermelon radish seems to be all the rage when I go to farmers markets or local organic stores. The reason is not only the flavor, but the intense interior color just like a watermelon!The watermelon radish has ball-shaped root that is about 4 inches in diameter. The color starts with deep green shoulders that fade to a bright white skin.Cut a watermelon radish open and discover a bright red flesh that is reminiscent of a summertime watermelon! Watermelon radish is crispy with mild and sweet flavor, excellent for salad, garnish and even cooking in Asian dishes.
TIP Watermelon radishes grow best in cool climates, suitable for fall/winter crops
Pure, organic, heirloom seeds
Grown and hand packed in the USA
Untreated, Non-GMO, Pesticide Free

Heirloom (Open Pollinated)
Size: 14 -16 inch root
Hardiness: Hardy Annual
Sun: Full/Partial
Water: Moderate
Seed Planting Depth: 0.50"
Days to Germination: 4-8 days

Materials: raw or in salad,mild in flavor,salad,garnish,Asian dishes,Spring Planting,Fall Planting,fall winter crops,Vegetable,Watermelon Radish,Roseheart Radish or China Rose,Organic,Heirloom

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