Caribbean Garden Seeds


Onion Sets Vs. Onion Plants

Sets are small, dry onion bulbs that have been grown the previous year. They are the easiest for many gardeners to grow.

For large, firm bulbs, plants are best. They were produced from seed in the year they were sold. Generally plants come in a bundle. Dig a shallow trench, and lay the onion plants against one side of the trench about an inch deep and four inches apart. Cover with soil and irrigate.

Onion Seeds And Seedlings

The advantage of growing from onion seed is that you open yourself up to a wide range of varieties. Although you can direct seed into the ground in warmer climates, onion seeds take a long time to grow and mature.

That means for warmer climates, they need to be go in the ground in the fall or late winter. For northern climates, start seeds indoors 10 weeks prior to moving outside to transplant. In essence, this is the process of planting onion transplants or seedlings. And, it is a much better way to go when planting from seed.

Onions are cool-season vegetables that are grown mainly for the flavor they add to other foods. In areas where freezing temperatures are rare, they are grown as a winter crop, while in other areas they can be planted in the spring. Onions (Allium cepa) begin to form bulbs based on day length. Growing in zones 5 to 10, onions can be started from either sets or transplants. You'll find advantages to each.