Yellow Starwort Seeds, Elecampane, (Elecampane Inula) Elfdock, Elfwort,Wild Sunflower

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Inula helenium - Elecampane, Perennial

Inula helenium - Elecampane also called Yellow Starwort, Elfdock, Elfwort, Horse-elder, Horseheal, Scabwort, Velvet Dock, Wild Sunflower

Bitter, pungent, aromatic, expectorant, antitussive, hepatic, antiseptic, diuretic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, immunostimulant, Elecampane covers a lot of ground as a medicinal herb. It is a perennial plant, growing up to 6 feet high, with large, olive-colored leaves with white veins. The large, yellow flower heads are solitary and grow from July to September. Overall, the plant resembles a horse radish with a ragged sunflower type bloom.
Scientific Name: Inula helenium
Common Name: Elecampane
Other Common Names: Chin Ch'Ien Chu, Chin Ch'Ien Hua, Elecampagne, Elecampane, Elecampane Inula, Elf Dock, Enula, Griekse Alant, Helenio, Helenium, Horseheal, Hsuan Fu Hua, Induzotu, Mu Xiang, O-Oguruma, Scabwort, Velvet Dock, Wild Sunflower
Plant Type: Perennial
Where To Plant: Full Sun to Partly Shady
Soil Types: Average
Zones (See US Zone map): 3-8
Germination: Easy
Uses: Medicinal
Notes: Dried root preparation quiets coughing, helps digestion, and the stomach INULA HELENIUM Dried root preparations quiet coughing, stimulate digestion, and tone the stomach.

Materials: Elfdock,Elfwort,Horseheal,Scabwort,Velvet Dock,Wild Sunflower,Horse elder,Inula helenium,Elecampane,Perennial

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