Polish Amaranth Seeds,(Amaranth cruentus) Organic - Heat-loving Vegetable - Rare

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100% open pollinated
and Non-GMO
Approx Seeds per oz: 50,346 seeds
Amaranth 'Polish' 50 days. This tall, heat-loving salad green is productive during the hot summer months when greens can be a challenge. Seedlings can be used as micro-greens. Breeder Frank Morton says there is a vocal contingent of salad growers who claim "Polish" is the best tasting variety of amaranth

This vegetable is also known as...
Jamaica: Callaloo
China: een choy, hinn choy, yin choy, hin tsai, in tsai, xian cai, lao quiang gu
India: chaulai sag, chuamarsa, ganhar, kai sag, kalgaghasa, lal sag, marsa, poi, rajgira, ram dana
Indonesia: abang, bayam, bayem, selasih, senggang bener
Japan: chunrai, hiyuna, java horenso, santousai
Korea: chambirum
Malaysia: bayam
Philippines: kulitis
Sri Lanka: sudu tampala
Thailand: phak khom
Vietnam: rau den, rau den do

Greens -Organic Polish Amaranth - Amaranth cruentus

These light burgundy leaves are one of the most delicious of all the amaranths, making great salads even through the summer heat! Sow every couple weeks: young leaves are the most tender and tasty.

24 days to maturity for greens.

Soil and Water: Amaranth likes loam and silty loam soil. It is very drought tolerant so water only when dry.

Planting and Growing: Direct seed after soil has begun to warm in spring. The seed is very fine so you can mix it with a carrier like sand or coffee grounds. Scatter the seed and rake it in lightly.

Harvesting and Storage: For greens, harvest before flowers appear. You can harvest the entire plant. For seeds harvest after flowers have turned to seed, by cutting the stalk and letting it cure for a few days in a sunny l

ocation. Bring it in at night to avoid moisture. Once dried, shake into a paper bag and filter with a sieve.

This variety of edible amaranth has tender, variegated red and green leaves and stems. A distinctly flavored green, Red Leaf will tolerate hot, dry and moist areas. Pick leaves young and use them in a salad or stir-fry, or put them alongside a dish as a handsome garnish.Sometimes called Chinese spinach, this green is a colorful addition to the garden, ranging from a light yellow green to a dark green and red color.

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