Organic Bean Seeds - Hidatsa Red,Very Rare Heirloom Originally grown by the Hidatsa Indians of North Dakota.

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Organic Bean Seeds - Hidatsa Red - Average Seeds Per Ounce: 130
Originally grown by the Hidatsa Indians of North Dakota. A very prolific bean that produces medium sized flat dark red seed. The plants sprawl and produce many runners. A great bean to use in chili, it has a slightly nutty flavor. Extremely productive.
Hidatsa Red Indian (Phaseolus vulgaris)
This variety was originally grown by the Hidatsa tribe along the Missouri River in North Dakota. The Oscar Will Seed Company introduced the variety in the early 1900’s. Extremely productive semi-runner plants will climb to 36” if given support. In drier climates you can let the plants sprawl on the ground. Semi-runner, 85 days.
Days to Maturity: 100 days for dry beans
Planting Instructions:
Sow beans 1 to 2 inches deep when danger of frost is past. Soaking seeds 1 to 2 hours before planting will speed germination. Beans will rot if soil is too cold or very damp. Sow bush-types 6 to 12 inches apart in beds, pole-types 6 inches apart in rows. Provide support for poll-types.

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