Golden Frills Mustard Green Seed , Asian Vegetables

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Golden Frills Mustard Green Seed ,Organic Non-GMO - Open-Pollinated,Essential salad mix - 20-25 days baby leaf, 40-55 days to maturity

Organic Golden Frills Mustard Green Seed. Bright green, intricately serrated leaves. Spicy.
Beautifully frilled light green mustard greens. Delicious strong spicy flavor.
This mustard green should be a great addition to our Super Spicy Salad Mix,
picked at the baby leaf stage.
Maturity: Approx. 20-25 days baby leaf, 40-55 days to maturity
Planting season: Cool season annual
5 Grams/3,000 Seeds.
Seeds Per Ounce: 16,000
This baby mustard green has a slightly more substantial leaf while retaining a frilly, delicate appearance. The leaves and stems are a uniform light green color and its mild spicy flavor is delicious. An easy and vigorous variety that grows from spring through late fall. Harvest baby leaves for salads or garnish.
Golden Frills Mustard, leaf shape is a perfect replication of the kale, its taste and texture are perfectly sweet spicy mustard, and the root actually swells to make a very crisp, juicy, radishy, turnip-like vegetable. I love it for its delicate salad-lofting leaflets of sweet pungency, I like the way it holds onto vinaigrette, I like how its firm lacy leaf-form hides flea beetle holes in summer, and slug nibbles the rest of the year. I think of this variety as a new backbone ingredient for salad mix.

GENUS Brassica rapa
TYPE Hardy Annual
COMMON NAME Mizuna, Japanese Greens
SOIL TYPE Acid, Chalky, Sandy, Fertile, Neutral, Most Types
SITE Full Sun, Part Shade
MOISTURE Moist But Well-Drained
HEIGHT Best cropped at 10cm (4in), but will grow to twice the size.
SPACING 10-15cm (4-6in) for cut-and-come-again salad, 20cm (8in) for whole plant for stir-fry.
SOWING, SEEDS, PLANTING February-April and August-October. Direct sow in lines or blocks, or under cover for winter cropping.

Materials: Grow,Garden,Annual,chinese,Mizuna,shui cai,kyona,Japanese mustard,potherb mustard,Japanese greens,California peppergrass,Dark Purple Mizuna,Baby Leaf Mustard

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