Flowering Chinese Leek,popular Chinese specialty herb - Asian Vegetable, Perennial

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Flowering Chinese Leek,popular Chinese specialty herb - Perennial
Chinese Leek Flower
The Chinese Leek, also known as Chinese Chive, has a long history in Chinese and Japanese kitchens as well as the medicine cabinet. Both of the varieties described below have a delicate garlic-chive flavor. The leaves can be prepared in stir-fries, egg dishes, meat or fish dishes, or even by themselves. The Japanese make a tempura snack by tying the leaves into a bundle, dipping them in batter, and deep-frying them. The star-like white flowers make this herb an attractive addition to the garden. If they're not being used in a vase on the table, the flowers and flower buds can be part of your meal. The flowering stems retain their color when cooked and can be steamed as you might prepare asparagus. Flower buds are tasty in a salad, dressed with a little oil. In Asia, the flowers are sometimes ground into a spice.
Maturity: Approx. 70 days
Planting season: Late spring/summer

Materials: Container,Untreated Seeds,organic,plant in the Garden,great in Container,Soup,Stews and Stir fry,herb seeds,Chives Seeds,Allium Schoenoprasum,Organic Herb,lavender flowers

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