Cucumber , Streight Eight, Heiloom, ORGANIC SEEDS, GREAT For SaladS/Snacks

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Cucumber, Straight Eight

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60 days. Slicer. Very popular home garden variety. Firm, green fruits are blunted, 7-8" long and 2-2.25" diameter. A good dependable choice for a home garden. Contains small seed cavity and are excellent for slicing and salads.
Deliciously sweet.Crisp. 1935 All-America Selections Winner! 63 days. Cucumis sativus. Plant produces high yields of 8" long dark green cucumbers. One of the best slicing cucumber on the market. Seeds can be sown directly into garden when soil is warm or started in containers and transplanted when several inches tall.

A cucumber superstar, this classic has excellent flavor and is widely adapted.
This heirloom, All-America Selections Winner is a cuke for all seasons. Pick when 8" long for top flavor. For perfect cukes, grow them on a fence or our space-saving Trellis Netting. Sow seeds 6" apart in rows, or plant 5 or 6 seeds in groups (hills) 4 to 5' apart.
Sun: Full Sun
Height: 6-8 inches
Spread: 36 inches
Days to Maturity: 58 days
Sowing Method: Direct Sow
Fruit Size: 6-8 inches

Zones 3-10

All seeds are packaged and for the current growing season.

Materials: hot,sauce,pepper,garden,heirloom

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