China jute VelvetLeaf Seeds (Abutilon theophrasti Medik ) Indian Mallow, Velvet Weed, Indian Hemp, Cotton-Weed, Buttonweed.


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Velvetleaf has been grown in China since around 2000 BCE for its strong, jute-like fibre. The leaves are edible, stir-fried or in omelette. The plant is known as maabulha in the Maldives and its leaves were part of the traditional Maldivian cuisine, usually finely chopped and mixed with Maldive fish and grated coconut in a dish known as mas huni. The seeds are eaten in China and Kashmir.
Abutilon theophrasti (Velvetleaf, China Jute, Buttonweed, Butterprint, Pie-marker, or Indian Mallow) is an annual plant in the family Malvaceae.
VelvetLeaf Indian-mallow(Abutilon theophrasti Medik) fast growing annual from South Asia 30 Seeds ; Also known as: Indian Mallow, Butterprint, Pie Marker, Velvet Weed, Indian Hemp, Cotton-Weed, Butter-Weed, Buttonweed.
Velvetleaf Indian-mallow is a fast growing annual from South Asia with branching stems and showy yellowish- orange flowers above serrated, heart-shaped, pubescent leaves and one of the most distinctive seed pods of all, as sharply crimped and fluted as the crust on the edge of a pie.Easily cultivated in any rich, well drained, rather rocky soil in full sun. Sow directly to the ground after the last freezing nights in late spring to early summer

Velvetleaf Indian-mallow is native to China where it is cultivated for its fibers, used to make string, rope, shoes, rugs and other products. It is also used in Chinese herbal medicine to treat fever, dysentery, and stomachache.

Materials: seeds,summer,bloom,Indian Mallow,Butterprint,Pie Marker,Velvet Weed,Indian Hemp,Butter,Weed,Buttonweed,CottonWeed,China jute

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