Calibrachoa Kabloom Deep Blue - flowers seeds -The first Calibrachoa from seed

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Calibrachoa, Kabloom Deep Pink
The very first Calibrachoa from seed!
The very first Calibrachoa from seed! Crazy-floriferous, heat-resistant plants joyously cascade from containers or baskets. Long-flowering Blue blooms on 12-14” plants bring on a chromatic commotion in the sun-splashed border. Splendid in the company of petunias and verbenas.
LifeCycle: Annual
Uses: Beds, Borders
Sun: Full Sun, Part Sun
Height: 12-14 inches
Spread: 12-14 inches
Sowing Method: Indoor Sow
Bloom Duration: 12 weeks

Materials: seed,annual,flowers,Vine,Climber,Calibrachoa Kabloom,Deep Pink,flowers seeds,The first Calibrachoa from seed

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