CHOCOLATE POBLANO Pepper Seeds -(Capsicum annuum) Also called,Mulato Isleno - Popular chilies in Mexico,


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CHOCOLATE POBLANO AkA (Capsicum annuum) 50 seeds Organic Heirloom , fresh and ready for planting!!Open pollinated.
Mulato Isleno A mildly hot poblano type pepper. This heart shaped pepper matures from green to dark chocolate brown. 1,000 on the Scoville scale. Excellent for salsa, roasting and stuffing. 3” wide, 6” long. 80 days.

Quite like the Ancho, the Mulato Isleno bears blocky fruits up to 6" long, by 3" wide. Fruits ripen from green to a deep chocolate brown. Used much in the same way as Ancho chile's, though they have a slightly hotter and sweeter flavor. 85-95 days.

Planting & Caring for Poblano Peppers
Sow several seeds ¼” deep in 2-3″ earth-friendly containers such as peat pots filled with lightly moistened seed starting mix.
Water well and place the pots in a well-lighted, warm area, 80° F – 85° F. To prevent the seedlings from damping off, keep the soil damp but not wet, and provide good air circulation around the plants.
Feed the seedlings with a good organic fertilizer every three weeks after they have established. When seedlings are about two inches tall, thin to one plant per pot by cutting out the smaller ones.
Once the plants are about five inches tall and the nighttime temperatures are above 60° F, harden the plants off by slowly acclimating the peppers to the garden.

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