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Yellow Indian Woman Bean , Bush,Heirloom (OP) Open Pollinated- Swedish heirloom !

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Bean Seed,Organic Yellow Indian Woman Bean. ! Open Pollinated, Swedish heirloom Beans.
Approximately 125 Seeds per oz
Yellow Indian Woman Bean Seeds
Yellow Indian Woman Bean is a creamy Swedish heirloom soup bean. This bean was originally brought to Montana by a Swedish family, the Yellow Indian Woman Bean is a rare heirloom bean that is now found in Native American communities in Montana.
The Yellow Indian Woman is a small, yellowish-gold bean that, when cooked, is creamy and resembles the flavor of Pinto and Black beans. The Yellow Indian Woman is ideal for slow cooked dishes, as is holds its shape while cooking. This early and delicious soup bean is easy to grow and is frequently selected as a "Chef's Choice" for soup beans.
Organically grown in Pennsylvania
Yellow Indian Woman bean was originally brought to Montana by Swiss immigrants.
It is a rare heirloom now common in Montana Native American communities.
This variety resembles the flavor found in Pinto or Black beans. Yellow Indian Woman
bean is ideal for slow cooked dishes and this bean holds its shape well.
Yellow Indian Woman is a variety of Bean which is a member of the Phaseolus family. Its botanical name is Phaseolus vulgaris 'Yellow Indian Woman'. 'Yellow Indian Woman' is considered a heirloom OP (open polliated) cultivar.
Yellow Indian Woman grows as an Annual/Perennial and is a Vegetable. Being an annual/perennial, it tends to grow either as a single season plant, or a plant that can stay in your garden for many years. Yellow Indian Woman normally grows to a max height of 1.30 feet(40.0 cm metric).
Yellow Indian Woman Bean is normally fairly low maintenance and quite easy to grow, as long as a level of basic care is provided throughout the year. Being aware of the basic soil, sun and water preferences will result in a happier and healthier plant.
How to Plant Bush Beans

Bush beans grow best in well drained, organic material rich soil. They need full sun to produce best. Before you start planting bush beans, you should consider inoculating the soil with bean inoculant, which will have bacteria that help the bean plant produce better. Your bush beans will still produce if you do not add bean inoculants to the soil, but it will help you get a bigger crop from your bush beans. Plant bush bean seeds about 1 1/2 inches deep and 3 inches apart. If you are planting more than one row of bush beans, the rows should be 18 to 24 inches apart. You can expect the bush beans to germinate in about one to two weeks. If you would like a continuous harvest of bush beans through the season, plant new bush bean seeds about once every two weeks.

How to Grow Bush Type Beans

Once bush beans have started growing, they need little care. Make sure that they get at least 2-3 inches of water, either from rainwater or a watering system, a week. If you would like, you can add compost or fertilizer after the bush beans have sprouted, but if you started out with organic rich soil they do not need it.

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