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Yard Long Bean, Mix Seed Red & Green Asian Vegetable

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Yard Long Bean, Mix Seed

(Vigna unguiculata subsp sesquipedalis)

Asian names for this vegetable...

China:  cheung kong tau, dau gok, dow gauk, tseng dou, cai dou, chang dou, chang jiang dou, chang kong tau, jiang dou

India:  lobia

Indonesia:  kacang panjang, otok

Japan:  juroku sasage mame, sasage

Malaysia:  kacang belut, kacang panjang, kacang panjang hijau, kacang perut ayam

Philippines:  banor, hamtak, sitao, sitaw

Sri Lanka:  diya mekaral

Thailand:  tau afuk yaou, tau fug yao, thua chin

Vietnam:  dau dua, dau que

 190-250 Per oz

Green Yard Long Bean

Vigna unguiculata subsp sesquipedalis

Orient Wonder
Yard long beans are called Asparagus beans or Chinese Long beans. This variety produces rich green, long, slender, round stringless pods. These beans are very crisp, tender, and delicious. Orient Wonder is far superior to standard varieties for its flavor and ability to grow in a wide range of conditions. It thrives in warm humid areas and sets fruit better in cool or drier weather than similar varieties

Red Noodle

Vigna unguiculata subsp sesquipedalis

Red Noodle
Yard long beans are sometimes called Asparagus beans or Chinese Long beans. Red Noodle beans have an unusual purple-red color and are a well-known variety in southern China. They can grow up to 22" long. The bean will lose its red color when cooked. This vigorous plant is heat tolerant.
  • Warm season annual
  • Approx. 45-50 seeds in packet. (A seed will vary in weight and size within a given seed lot. The number of seeds stated is only an estimate.)
  • Maturity: Approx. 50-80 days
  • Planting season: Late spring/early summer

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