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WINTER Savory, HERB seeds - Satureja Montana

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Perennial cousin to summer savory, with thicker and shinier leaves.

Flavor is more pungent and biting. Has a higher proportion of thymol than summer savory. Avg. 66,300 seeds/oz. Packet: 200 seeds.

Winter Savory (Satureja Montana) - Here is yet another Savory seed to grow! Winter Savory is a must-have herb for the herb garden. It is a woody perennial with dark green, shiny, pinnate leaves and it has a stiff texture. It is an evergreen and has small white flowers in the summer. Winter Savory herb plants can be pruned to form a low-growing aromatic hedge for the herb garden. It prefers a location in full sun and average well-drained soil. Once it is established, the Winter Savory herb does not require a lot of water. Winter Savory plants do well in containers. The herb plants are very attractive to beneficial insects. Growing Winter Savory herb plants is very rewarding!.

How To Grow Savory From Herb Seeds: To get a jump start, sow Summer Savory seeds indoors 6 weeks prior to the end of frost season. For areas with a longer growing season, sow the herb seeds in well-drained to dry, neutral to alkaline soil in full sun after danger of last frost is over.

For harvesting, the leaves and sprigs can be collected anytime once the Summer Savory plants reach a height of 6 inches. For best results, clip the leaves in the late morning before the heat of the day sets in. If seeking a small quantity of fresh leaves for a single use, snip only the tip of the stem. For larger quantities for drying, stem can be cut 3 - 4 inches from surface of soil. Dry on a screen or by hanging upside down.

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