Golden Ball OpenTurnip seeds Open Pollinated Turnip, Heirloom Seeds

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10,000 Seeds Per oz

Organically Grown TURNIP GOLD BALL Can be fall planted.

Golden Ball Open Pollinated Turnip has golden yellow flesh that is sweet, tender, and flavorful. Golden Ball produces a 3" to 4" diameter bulb that tastes more like a Rutabaga than a turnip. Enjoy perfectly shaped, golden turnips with fine grain and sweet flavor. Smooth yellow skin and yellow flesh never becomes woody. Pull at three to four inches for best quality. Ready in about 55 days, these turnips keep well.

Popular round variety with golden skin and flesh, fairly dwarf plants. Good storage qualities and nice, mild flavour.
Class:Root Vegetable
Nutritional Value: High in fibre.
Planting Instructions for Turnip Seeds
Heirloom/Open Pollinated Turnips are biennial, but they may produce seed in one season. Heirloom/Open Pollinated Turnips are direct sown, covering the seed with .25"-.5" of soil. Turnip Seed germinates at temperatures between 70°F-85°F and germination occurring in 3-5 days. Once the Turnip plants are 2" tall, thin them to 4"-8" apart.
Vegetable Botanical Name: Brassica rapa

Vegetable Duration: Biennial

Vegetable Days to Maturity: 45 to 65 Days

Vegetable Height: 12 in to 18 in

Vegetable Planting: Direct sow outside in early spring. Can be fall planted. Plant about 4' apart and 1/4' below soil surface. Can sow closer, then thin later. Rows should be spaced at 18'-24'apart.

companion Plants: Pea. Avoid Potato

Materials: garden,heirloom,recipes,cooking,soup,salads,Stew,Roasted,High in fibre,mild flavour,sweet,tender,golden skin and fles

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