TURKEY CRAW BEAN, Organic Seeds - Phaseolus Vulgaris - Heirloom Pole bean

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Heirloom Pole bean/ snap or dry - Grown In Our Garden Here In Pa.
An heirloom from the southern states of Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, the original seed is said to come from a turkey’s craw brought home by a hunter who is thought to have been an African American slave in the 1800s.
The Turkey Craw bean is typically a pole bean. It is a heavy producer of 5-6 inch pods and can be used for snap or dry. The bean has a beautiful green color and is great as a fresh bean. It has deep bean flavor and is sweet, rich, buttery, and meaty in taste and texture.
Green Thumb Tip
Sow seeds outdoors after danger of frost has passed and soil and air temperatures have warmed. Harvest snap beans frequently for increased yields. Leave some pods on the vine and harvest when completely mature for dry beans.

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