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TULIP Ollioules Bulbs ,long stems.beds,landscaping ,Cut Flowers

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 Tulip Ollioules

This lovely, mid-season tulip has been a favorite for generations. Its orchid pink petals have a lavender sheen and contrasting white margins. Ollioules's large, long-lasting flowers are breathtaking in the garden and always stunning in bouquets.
RHS Award of Garden Merit
Great Curb Appeal
Excellent Cut Flower

1. Dig a hole 6” deep.
2. Set the tulip bulb pointy side up in the soil.
3. Cover the bulb with soil and water only if the soil is very dry.
Planting tulips side by side in a single row makes them look stiff and unnatural. Tulips look best when they are planted in informal groups of 5 or more bulbs. Rectangular, triangular or oval patterns (as shown in the photo at left) will make the planting look as full as possible and ensure the flowers are visible from all angles.
For best results, tulips should be planted in well-drained soil. Peat moss or compost can be added to improve drainage. Tulip bulbs should be planted pointy side up. If you are unsure which end should face up, plant the bulbs on their sides. Once the bulb starts growing, the plant will find its way to the sun.

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