Tulip Bulbs 'Darwin Hybrid Cosmopolitan'

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Tulip Cosmopolitan - Bloom Mid Spring,12/+cm,NOW SHIPPING!
A large and shapely tulip with bright, lipstick pink petals that are flushed with rose and coral. Choose Cosmopolitan for a bold splash of color in your garden, along a front walk or anywhere in your yard. The long, graceful stems make it an ideal cut flower.

  •  Big Blooms
  •  Cutting Garden Favorite
  •  Vibrant, Eye-Catching Color

Planting Growing Instructions
Tulip bulbs should be planted in late autumn, with the pointed end facing upwards, at a depth of approximately 3 times their height. Make sure that they are planted deep enough - shallow

planting may prevent the bulbs receiving the necessary winter cold period that is essential for them to produce flowers in spring. Choose a sunny position in moist, free draining soil.

Plant bulbs in well dug soil about 8-10cm deep and approx 10-15cm apart. It is often beneficial to use a little bonemeal or super phosphate mixed in with the soil. Tulips delight during their growth in a sunny location.
Cultural Instructions
After the tulips have bloomed and when leaves fade and turn brown the bulbs can be lifted, dried, cleaned and stored in a cool place until planting time. Tulips should not be grown in the same soil for several years, so replace with fresh soil every other year.
Type: Fall Planting Bulbs - Plant in Full Sun or Partial Shade
Zone: 3-7a - Pre-cool Zone: 7b-10
Bloom Time: Mid Spring
Average Height: 14-20

Materials: Container,Fall Planting,Heirloom Bulb,Triumph Purple Tulip,25 Bulbs,Tulip Purple Flag,READY for Shipping

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