Tropicana cabbage Cabbage Seeds,resistant to heat, suitable for growing in subtropical climates.

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SKU P9980S
The Tropicana cabbage has glossy fresh light green color skin with round shape, uniform growth, high yields and excellent taste. Fruit is approximately 16 x 24
diameters, 1-1.5 kgs in weight. Maturity is in 80 days from transplanting. Good for storage and transportation.
This variety has been developed for growing in plain areas . Plants are resistant to heat, suitable for growing all year round in subtropical climates. Leaves are very tender and sweet, excellent for stir-fry and salads.
An excellent source of vitamins A and C and a good source of folic acid.
Eat pak choi raw or cooked. It should store in the fridge for up to a week.
Great for use in salads and stir fries, or steam the whole vegetable as a side dish.

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