Trinidad 7 pot Douglah Pepper Seeds, (Capsicum chinense) Super Hot

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World's Hottest Pepper

Trinidad 7 pot Douglah One of the Hottest peppers in the world,very rare-Recently tested between 923,000 and 1.85 million Scovilles
Chocolate version of Trinidad 7 Pot with a sweeter flavor but just as hot
Trinidad 7 pot Douglah One of the Hottest peppers in the world. Also called the Chocolate 7 Pot. Recent test results released by NMSU in February 2012 had it's record high at over 1,900,000 Scoville Units! Nice flavor but different than red 7 Pot varieties. Very prolific but handle with caution when using. The Douglah is very rare.
Recently tested between 923,000 and 1.85 million Scovilles, with an average of 1,169,058. Only the Moruga Scorpion scored higher. It is suspected that it could reach 2 million in the future. From Trinidad, an island just northeast of Venezuela, the 7-Pot is a Caribbean chile. It's similar in shape to the Habanero and has similar "pimpling" to other super hot peppers, like the Naga Morich. Its flavor is fruity, sweet and nutty, if you can get past the intense and sweat-inducing heat. The Chocolate 7-Pot, also called the 7-Pot Douglah, is named after its ability to "spice 7 pots of stew." The name Douglah comes from the Trinidad meaning of the word: people of "mixed race" are called Douglah. The 7-Pot is grown in the "back country" of Trinidad. They are not commercially grown yet. Currently they are difficult to find but have nonetheless become popular and much sought after.
Other Names: chocolate 7 Pot, Douglah 7 Pod, 7 Pot Douglah, Chocolate 7 Pod
Flowers: Douglah flowers are white
Fruit: Douglah peppers are light to dark brown and wrinkly
Lifecycle:: perennial, biennial
Height: Douglah can get 4 feet tall
Diameter: Douglah gets 3 feet in diameter
Container Planting: yes
Cultural Requirements:
Soil: Chocolate 7 Pot Douglah needs well drained soil
Propagation/Germination: Chocolate 7 Pot needs bottom heat to germinate
Spacing: Chocolate 7 Pot needs 2 feet
Sun: Chocolate 7 Pot needsfull sun
Water: as needed

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