TENDERGREEN Bean Seed (Bush)) Great in Containers, Small Gardens

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Tendergreen Bean Seeds(Bush)TENDERGREEN,Organic Heirloom (70 Seeds per oz) Containers, Small Gardens

50 days — 'Tendergreen' is an old multipurpose variety that was introduced by Peter Henderson & Co. in 1922. It was an "All-America Selection®" winner in 1933. The plants are strong and erect and reach about twenty inches in height. The pods are round, meaty and stringless.

They taste wonderful any way that you prepare them. Fresh, steamed, stir-fried, pickled, frozen and canned. Tendergreen makes the best pickled green bean as they are stingless and the pods are straight making it an easy choice to pack into a canning jar.

Heat-tolerant snap bean with 6-7 inch  round and meaty, dark-green pods. High temperatures won't affect production. Heavy, prolonged producer.

No fiber, no strings! Tendergreen Bush Beans purple seeds are accented with beige markings. Making them a good choice when canning shelly beans.

High yield, low maintenance. Bush beans grow upright and do not require staking. . If picked on a daily basis, they will keep producing and you will be rewarded with bunches of tasty, stringless green beans

Tendergreen Bush beans are very simple to grow; they do well in most gardens and in most soil types. They should be directly seeded when soil reaches 65-75F (18-24C), and there is no longer a risk for a frost. Sow your bush beans 1 inch (2.5cm) deep and 2 inches (5cm) apart in row about 18 inches (45cm) apart

Reseed your bush bean patch every two weeks In order to have fresh beans all summer, and pick them frequently. plant them thicker than usual, and later thin them to the desired density.

Plant your bush bean seeds outdoors directly in the garden after your last frost date. For a quicker start, you can soak your seeds 1 to 4 hours in warm water. If you soak the seeds too long, they will split or rot and will not germinate! Germination is improved when soil temperature is above 65 F. Plant in 2 to 3 weeks intervals for a steady harvest until about 3 months before first killing frost in the fall. Plants can grow 12 to 24" tall.

Warning: Do not plant in cold wet soil or you may experience poor germination!

Materials: Fresh,steamed,pickled,stir,fried,frozen and canned,NON GMO

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