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Sweet Alyssum Basket of gold,Lobularia maritima, Wildflower Seeds.The most versatile edging plant !

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Basket-Of-Gold Seeds,Gold Dust Alyssum, Rock Madwort. Golden-Tuft Alyssum
Aurinia saxatilis 'Compacta'
Easy to grow plants covered in stunning spring flowers.
Dense clusters of tiny, intense yellow flowers in early spring on vigorous, spreading plants with gray-green leaves. Stunning at the edge of beds or borders or let them cascade over rocks or walls. Easy to grow. Winter hardy to zone 3.

Packet is ¼ gram, about 300 seeds.
1/2 Oz Pack - about 17500 Seeds

Alyssum (Montanum Mountain Gold) - This is a popular rock garden perennial Alyssum for the spring garden. Alyssum Montanum establishes itself easily from flower seeds sown directly outdoors. It forms a low, trailing mound of silvery-gray leaves, and it produces a mass of bright-yellow flowers in mid to late spring. Alyssum plants benefit from a light trim after blooming to maintain a bushy habit, and they require good drainage. After sowing Alyssum seeds, maintain adequate moisture to ensure germination and establishment, but once Mountain Gold is established, it is drought tolerant. This is a perennial for every flower garden!
Alyssum Mountain Gold thrives best in dry, rocky soil and has a preference to full sun although it will tolerate light shade. Mountain Gold adds incredible color to rock gardens. Sow Alyssum flower seeds in empty crevices to make the garden come alive.

Materials: Flowers,Perennial Seeds,Sweet Alyssum,Sweet Alice,Sweet Alison,Seaside Lobularia,Gold Dust Alyssum,Basket Of Gold Seeds,Rock Madwort,Golden Tuft Alyssum,GOLD DUST

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