SUPER RED ROMAINE Lettuce ,Qulity Untreated seeds(500 Seeds Packet) Can Grow In containers,Fresh salad

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SUPER RED ROMAINE Lettuce ,ORGANIC Non GMO SEED. Pure, organic, heirloom seeds

Grown and hand packed in the USA

Untreated, Non-GMO, Pesticide Free

Approximately 30,000 Seeds Per oz

This one is a show stopper with it's intense red leaves. Romaine type stands 12 inches tall, and 10 to 12 inches wide. The long, crisp spoon-shaped leaves add beautiful color to salads. Ready in only 40 days. Don't miss this hard-to-find variety!

Vegetable Botanical Name: Lactuca sativa

Other Common Names:

Vegetable Duration: Annual

Vegetable Days to Maturity: 40 Days

Vegetable Height: 12 in to 15 in

Vegetable Spacing: -

Vegetable Planting: Direct sow outside in early spring. Can be fall planted. Plant about 12”-18” apart and 1/8“ below soil surface. Rows should be spaced at 18”-24” apart.-

Germination: 90%

Materials: Salads,crunchy,buttery,summer,treat,get,spring,Garden,Vegetable,color,Pure,organic,Pesticide Free

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