Strawberry Fields Gomphrena Seeds (Gomphrena Globosa RED) Flowers Seeds, make an excellent cut flower for either fresh or dried arrangements

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Flower, Globe Amaranth
(Gomphrena globosa) Native to Brazil but thrives almost anywhere. Balanced mixture of 5-7 colors attracts a multitude of butterflies. Very easy to grow from seed, exceptionally productive. Excellent cut flower, both fresh and dried. Half-hardy annual, 24-30" tall.

Gomphrena or Globe Amaranth is an annual bedding plant that grows 24 inches tall with a spread of about 1 foot. The branched stems are stiff and the plant has a bushy appearance. The leaves are oblong and from 4 - 6 inches long, and wooly-white when they are young. The clover-like flower heads, 1 1/2 inches long, are on upright spikes from summer until frost. The individual flowers within the flower heads are inconspicuous, but the stiff, papery bracts that form the bulk of the structure are colorful and come in several showy shades.

How To Grow

Plant Gomphrena Globosa seeds indoors, several weeks before the last frost is expected, or directly outdoors when the temperatures have warmed. If sowing Gomphrena seeds indoors, transplant the seedlings to the sunny garden spot when they are several inches tall. If growing Globe Amaranth from flower seeds specifically for cutting, space the plants closer together to force the growth of longer stems.

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