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Speckled Purplehull (Southern) Peas,Great Flavor, Shell pea

by Pea
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Maturity 60 days. 
Semi-crowder class dry seeds are speckled brown but pods are purple hulled in shelling and dry stage. 
Great yields, 
Great taste,Purple hull peas have the kind of rich flavor and meaty texture that doesn’t require a lot of fancy additions to make a tasty meal. Simple and homespun is the way to go with these.Purple Hull Peas are sometimes mistaken for some sort of green bean at the market. They do look a little like a purple pole bean. I had someone tell me the other day that they tried to snap them like green beans and had unfavorable results. Another issue is that they get confused with the spring peas, which are really an altogether different kind of pea.Purple Hull Peas are cowpeas. They should be picked as soon as the pod just turns purple (immature pods are green). Once they turn purple they start drying out and soon become a dried pea similar to black-eyed peas. Shelling them while they are green and undried (green-shelled) gives them an altogether different flavor.

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