Red Pearl Bean Phaseolus vulgaris-Very Rare Heirloom-Open pollinated.

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(Phaseolus vulgaris) A medium sized bean that is much like a smaller version of the kidney bean. Similar in flavor and use to the pinto bean. Excellent for a variety of uses and an uncommon variety.
It is a quick growing type, with pretty white flowers. Native to the southwestern area of the US, these plants prefer warm weather.
The pods turn from green to red, and they should be left on the plant until they start to dry and turn yellow.
After harvesting, remove the seeds and allow them to continue to air dry before storing in a food safe container.
You can soak the beans overnight before cooking, or just pressure cook them for a few minutes to save time.
Be sure to set a few aside to grow the following year.
Botanical name: Phaseolus vulgaris
Variety: Red Dry Bean

Materials: Heirloom Bean,Organic,Bean,Vegetable Seeds,Heirloom,Winged bean,asparagus pea,four angled bean,goa bean,leaves,stems and roots,manila bean

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