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Radish Seeds -White Icicle Heirloom (Open Pollinated) -Biennial !

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Vegetable Description: 

Though the exact origin of White Icicle heirloom radishes is unknown, they have been growing in the United States since the late 19th century. A 1903 seed catalog marketed them as somewhat of a novelty, and the 1924 Portland Seed Co. Catalog says concerning the White Icicle radish, “This superb radish is the finest and longest of the very early, pure white varieties... their long, slender form and pure, paper-white skin are most attractive when bunched for market."

Vegetable Botanical Name: Raphanus sativus

Other Common Names:

Vegetable Duration: Biennial

Vegetable Days to Maturity: 28

Vegetable Seeds Per Oz: 2700

Vegetable Height: 6” to 12”

Vegetable Spacing: 2 in to 3 in

Vegetable Planting: Direct sow outside in early spring. Can be fall planted. Plant about 2” apart and 1/2“ below soil surface. Can sow closer, then thin later. Rows should be spaced 18” apart.

Vegetable Seed Saving: Allow seed heads to dry on plants; then remove heads, break them open, and collect seeds. Clean and dry the seeds before storage in cool dry conditions.


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