PURPLE DAIKON RADISH Seeds, Asian Vegetable

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Daikon Radishes

Daikon radishes have long been cultivated throughout Southeast Asia, where they are widely used for pickling, fermenting, relishes, stir-fries, salads, soups, and condiments. The tops are also edible and nutrient-rich. Johnny's was among the first American seed companies to offer the traditional long, white Asian daikon radish (Japanese for "big root"), and our selection today includes daikons with purple and green-shouldered roots, a range of shapes, lengths, and flavors, as well as maturity dates, for a wide harvest season. PURPLE  Radish,DAIKON RADISH Seeds

  • Description

    Bravo's internal color ranges from pale purple to white with purple streaks. Roots average 8-9" by 2½-3" with good, sweet, eating quality. Suitable for spring and summer sowing.

  • CULTURE:Daikon radishes require friable, well drained soils with a pH range of 5.8-6.8. Work soil deeply, in raised beds if possible, for straight roots and ease of harvest. Sow 2" apart, thinning to 4-6" apart, rows 24" apart. Note planting seasons in variety descriptions to reduce bolting. 
    HARVEST AND STORAGE:Daikons are brittle; fork or undermine and lift roots carefully. Cut tops 2" above crowns, wash, and refrigerate. Daikons can be stored at 32°F (0°C) and 95% relative humidity for 6-10 weeks.

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