Pinto Bean Seeds ,Grow Pinto beans

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Organic Pinto Bean Seeds.
The beans are easy to plant and do not require much care or attention
1 oz - Approximately 100 Seeds
4 Oz - Approximately 400 Seeds
Heirloom Pinto Bean Seeds ,Grow Pinto beans,The beans are easy to plant and do not require much care or attention ,Pinto beans are a great source of nutrition because they contain high amounts of protein and fiber. The beans are easy to plant and do not require much care or attention. Planting pinto beans is basically just sticking the seeds into the ground and watching them grow
High in protein, these small speckled brown beans are the most popular dry shell beans for winter use! Pinto beans are commonly used in Mexican cuisine and great when used for refried beans! Young pods may also be eaten as green snap bean.
Average: 85 days
Detailed planting instructions:
Beans are generally direct seeded in the garden. The most important point about growing green beans is not to plant them too early. They will rot in cool, damp soil. To get an earlier start, you can put down black plastic to warm the soil.
When bush beans begin producing they often come in all at once. Staggered planting, every 2 weeks, will keep your bush beans going longer. Beans like a moderately rich soil with a slightly acidic pH of about 6.0 to 6.2.
They prefer a loose, moist soil. Plant after all danger of frost is past.
Pole beans will need some type of support to grow on. Be sure the trellis, teepee, fence or whatever is in place before you seed. Plant seeds at a rate of about 3-6 seeds per teepee or every 6 inches apart.
Harvesting beans is an ongoing process. You can start to harvest anytime, but gardeners usually wait until the beans begin to firm up and can be snapped. They are generally about as think as a pencil then. Don’t wait too long, because beans can become overgrown and tough almost overnight. Harvest by gently pulling each bean from the vine or by snapping off the vine end, if you are going to be using the beans right away.

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