Organic Blackberry Seeds, berries are very sweet and have a hint of pineapple in their taste.

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Wild Blackberryl) berries are very sweet and have a hint of pineapple in their taste.
Blackberries are related to raspberries (both are in the Rubus genus and produce aggregate accessory fruits), but blackberries retain their core when picked.
If you want a vigorous perennial ground cover plant, Wild Blackberries ( Zones 3 - 9 ) are thorny, arching cane with palmate-compound leaves, white, 5-petaled flowers and familiar fruit; flowers white to pinkish, 5-petaled, radically-symmetrical 3/4 inch across, with many bushy stamens, in loose clusters; fruit aggregate, black, elliptical, faceted, 1/2 to 1-1/2 inches long; leaves palmate-compound, up to 7 inches long, 3 to 7-parted, leaflets sharply toothed, up to 2 inches long; stem biennial cane trailing or up to 9 feet tall, arching, reddish-brown, sharply thorny; roots perennial.
Wild Blackberries are edible berries that belong to the Rosaceae family. They are also known as caneberries or brambles. They are an aggregate fruit that are composed of many smaller fruits called drupes. They are a healthful food packed with vitamins and nutrients. British Columbia Wild Blackberries have many different uses in making delicious foods. They can be eaten by themselves or with other foods. They can also be used to make jellies, desserts and wine. Like many other fruits, they are a delicious and healthful snack.
Wild Blackberries are full of nutrients. Specifically, they are great sources of vitamins A and C. According to, one of the best benefits from wild blackberries is their quantity of phenolic acids, which contain anti-carcinogens. It is easy to get the nutrition from blackberries by consuming them by themselves or adding them to other foods such as yogurt or cereal.

ZONE/HARDINESS: Hardy Zones 3-9
PLANT TYPE: Perennial
LIGHT: Full Sun

Materials: adding them to other foods such as yogurt,or cereal,perennial ground cover plant,Orange,Fruit Ripens,Cream

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