Organic BLACK CHERRY TOMATO Seed - Perfectly round cherry with classic black tomato flavor, sweet yet rich and complex.” - Open-pollinated

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This is the blackest of the cherry tomatoes. It has the typical rich tomato flavor of the black varieties. 65 days.
It is not a plum, but a perfectly round cherry with classic black tomato flavor, sweet yet rich and complex. Fruit picks clean from the stem and is produced in abundance on vigorous, tall plants. These cherries are irresistibly delicious and a unique addition to the color spectrum of cherry tomatoes now available. Indeterminate.
This truly black cherry tomato was bred in Florida by the late Vince Sapp. Pick loads of these perfectly round, dark fruits with rich, sweet, dynamic flavor from just one plant. Great for shish-kebabs, salads (they’re striking!), or just eating in the garden. Vines are quite vigorous, so use a tall cage. Open-pollinated.
7-14 days. 70-75°F. Sow early indoors in cool climates. Sow 3-5 weeks before predicted last frost. Transplant outside 6-8 weeks from sowing.
Sowing: For early crop start seeds indoors in pots or flats 5-7 weeks before planting outdoors. Place in sunny location, keeping soil moist and warm. Transplant outdoors when 5-10" (13-25cm) tall after the danger of frost is passed. For later crop sow sparingly directly into garden, in sunny location, after weather and soil are warm. Cultivate; apply vegetable food and firm over seed.
Care: Stake or cage to save space. Water deeply when dry and feed monthly.
Harvest: Pick gently when color is fully developed.
Your Health: Rich in calcium, Iron and Vitamins A, B1, B2, Niacin and C.

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