PA Dutch Crookneck Neck Pumpkin Seeds, WINTER SQUASH

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(Cucurbita moschata) Gorgeous and enormous fruits weigh 10-20 pounds. Very easy to prepare since the seeds are all contained neatly in the bottom bulb of the fruit. Simply cut the long curved neck into rings and bake. Sweet dark orange flesh, excellent for pies or soups. Good keeper. 100-110 day
This one grew on a vine I set in the garden in mid-July. So, in just two months the plant went from seedling to harvestable 17 pound squash.
Neck Pumpkin Characteristics
Neck Pumpkin is a distinctively central Pennsylvania winter squash. The fruit is like a giant butternut squash though lighter in color and milder in flavor. Still, the squash is nearly all meat. This fruit is enough to make, perhaps, 14 pumpkin pies—or to serve squash side dishes at dinner for more than two weeks.
This butternut-like squash with a twist has been grown on family farms since the early 1900's. Its large size (up to 20 lbs.) and above-average storage longevity make it a great choice for gardeners with food production in mind. The long, solid fleshed neck is full of flavor with the seeds compacted into the round bottom end. Multiple cooking uses include pies, soups, and baking. Sliced rings from the neck, when baked, are mouth-watering good!
Contrary to the name, winter squash is actually grown in the summer, started the same time as summer squash, but it takes much longer to mature. When it is ripe the fruits will have a hard outer shell and store all winter.

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