Kidney Bean,LARGE DARK RED, 500 Seeds ,Non-GMO Heirloom Grown Organically

by Kidney
$ 4.95
SKU P6693S

 Bean, Giant Red Kidney 500 vegetable seeds Non-GMO Heirloom Grown Organically

This heirloom bean is a dry shell variety that is great used in baking or in soups such as Minestrone. Excellent Jamaican Rice and Peas ,chili, bean salads,and many more recipes. Red Kidney bean is a famous dry bean, the one of the  biggest and best of baking beans! Matures in 95-105 days. Popular for its excellent flavor and many uses, this variety can be stored dry or canned. Dark Red Kidney Bean is a tall bush type plant that produces flat green pods filled with huge kidney shaped dark red beans.  Dark Red Kidney Bean pods are ready to pick when they are mature and dried down.  95 days until full maturity.  Packet contains approximately 500 seeds grown naturally with love and care.

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