Jamaican Naseberry Tree Seeds SAPODILLA ,a.k.a. Chico Sapote, Zapote, Chicle

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Jamaican Naseberry Tree Seeds SAPODILLA ,a.k.a. Chico Sapote, Zapote, Chicle
A uniquely flavored fruit, the soft brown flesh of the sapodilla tastes a bit like a sweet mix of brown sugar and root beer. The sapodilla tree is also the source of chicle, a chewing gum component.
For centuries, It has been one of the most popular and most productive tropical fruit trees in the world.Besides delicious fruit, the tree produces white, gummy latex that was an original source of chewing gum (chicle). Sapodilla is a fairly slow-growing, long-lived medium-size tree, upright and elegant, dense and distinctly pyramidal, with thick glossy green leaves. The fruit has gray-brown rough textured skin and pinkish-brown, moist, soft and delicious flesh that tastes like a pear soaked in brown sugar. Sapodilla trees fruit prolifically, at frequent intervals throughout the year.
Unlike most of tropical fruit, Sapodilla seeds remain viable for several years if kept dry. They germinate readily but growth is slow and the trees take 5 to 8 years to bear.
The sapodilla is reasonably hardy tree when full grown and can stand temperatures into the high 20's.
Growing Environment
Grow in full sun. Trees are at home in both dry and wet climates and is drought tolerant.
By seeds or grafting. Seeds can remain viable for several years.
Eaten fresh, usually as a dessert fruit. The bark contains a gummy latex substance called chicle which used to be a primary ingredient in chewing gum.

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