Himo Togarshi Pepper Seeds ,specialty green pepper, Heirloom, Organically Grown ,Japanese sweet green pepper !

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Green Pepper (Capsicum annuum)
Culinary tips: Excellent for ohitashi, tempura, yakitori, and hot sautéed with sea salt.
Himo Togarshi is a specialty green pepper that is a Yamato dento yasai, which means it has been selected as a Nara perfecture traditional vegetable. The pepper grows 4-6" long and up to .25" in diameter (less than the diameter of a pencil). The peppers hang down on the plant and look like strings or himo in Japanese.
Warm season annual
Maturity: Approx. 80-90 days
Planting season: Late spring/Early summer
Cultivation: Start seeds inside 6 weeks before last frost date (or 8 weeks before expected transplanting date). Keep soil warm until emergence. Seeds will not germinate in cool soil and planting out too early may affect plant vigor. Harden off plants carefully before transplanting. Prepare fertile, well-drained soil. Transplant in late spring/summer (soil temperatures at least above 60°F) in a very warm and sunny location. Fertilize as needed. Too much nitrogen will produce lush foliage and few fruits. For mild peppers, harvest young when about 4" long. Larger peppers may become tough skinned and spicy.

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