HILO BEAUTY(DWARF ELEPHANT EAR) Bulb,tropical foliage plants

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HILO BEAUTY - Alocasia Taro CAMO Variegated

Each of these heart-shaped leaves is a work of art, displaying a unique pattern of dark green, light green and creamy white. More compact than most other Elephant Ears, Hilo Beauty is ideal for containers where its stunning foliage can be admired up close. Can be grown in sun or shade.

Give your garden or patio a bit of tropical excitement and splendor! This wonderful upright Elephant Ear variety features a striking camouflage-like pattern of bright greens mixed with light yellows and accented by interesting bluish black stems. Thrives under warm and moist conditions. Excellent for the patio. Grows 2-3' tall from June to the first frost. Bring indoors or lift in zones 3-8. 
Great for Containers
Bold Tropical Foliage
Thrives in Heat and Humidity

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