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Henderson's Earliest Bush Bean (Baby Lima) Heirloom

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Henderson's Earliest Bush Bean (Baby Lima) Heirloom Organic !

These white, small “baby” lima beans have a delicious flavor, and mature earlier than most limas. This bush lima will be loaded with pods — quite productive! And believe us, the flavor is not what you remember your mom feeding you as a kid; fresh lima beans taste incredible! Can be eaten fresh, frozen, or dried.

HENDERSON LIMA (Phaseolus lunatus), also known as Baby Butter Bean, was introduced in 1885 as Wood's Prolific Bush, then sold to Peter Henderson of New York and renamed in 1887. A sure cropper, even in the North and during adverse weather. Dark green pods contain 3-4 small green seeds that dry creamy-white. Bush habit. 60-75 days.

When to sow outside:
RECOMMENDED. 1 to 2 weeks after average last frost and when temperatures are warm. Soil must be warm — greater than 65° F. To produce beans all season, sow a new crop every 7 - 14 days up to 60 days before first fall frost.
NOTE: In very hot summer areas, sow in March for June harvest, and August for late September harvest.
When to start inside: Not recommended.
For fresh use, pick the pods when they are bulging but before they begin to turn yellow and dry out. Shell the beans and use immediately or store in the refrigerator for a few days. For dried beans, leave on the vine until the pod and beans are dry and hard.

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