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Grape hyacinth Bulbs, (Feather Hyacinth)

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Muscari Plumosum (Feather Hyacinth)Muscari comosum 'Plumosum' Fall Bulbs, Now Shipping !

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Feathery plumes of purple blooms with finely divided petals adorn this truly unusual grape-hyacinth. Intrigue the onlooker by adding this novel plant to beds and borders. The long-lasting blooms are graceful as cut flowers and the compact growth habit lends itself well to pot-forcing. Height: 10-12 Inches. Bulb size: Topsize 10/+ cm.
Quick Facts:
Grape hyacinths: small is beautiful Grape hyacinths  the essence of early spring appear around March/April depending on the variety. Although the deep blue ones are the most familiar, there are other kinds as well. They can also be white, lilac, purple, violet, pink, bicoloured, or various shades of blue. The flower stem of this attractive grape hyacinth bears tightly packed clusters of blue flowers followed by decorative seed pods. Planting is easy The best time to plant them is in October and November. Make planting holes and plant at least 50 bulbs at the same place for a good visual effect.

If you bury them under about 4" of soil, success is assured. Once planted in a favourable spot  a sunny to semi-shaded location that stays fairly dry during the winter  they can pop back up year after year. If this naturalising is what you want, choose a variety such as Muscari latifolium. Most of the Muscari varieties are great for naturalizing! Food heaven Grape hyacinths are highly reliable early-flowering bulbs that have an average height of around 6 to 10". Especially during these first days of spring, when few other flowers are in bloom, these plucky little gems are eagerly visited by insects like bees and bumblebees. They provide so much nectar that they are sometimes called nectar filling stations. Scented grape hyacinths Varieties with extra fragrance include the sweetly scented Muscari armeniacum, Muscari botryoides Albumâ white and Muscari Golden Fragrance. Worth a closer look These little jewels are really worth taking a closer look at. This way, you can see all their little details. And/or pick a few to put in a little vase. Simply beautiful!

Materials: Pink,Purple,White,The Garden,Border,Patio,Container,Bring Indoor,Cut Flowers,Indoor Plant,Patio Plant,Cut Flower,Spring

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