Golden Parade Tulip Bulbs,(10 Bulbs) Huge flowers,Now shipping

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The bold and beautiful “Golden Parade” tulip is one of the tallest Darwin Hybrid tulips. This all time classic makes a perfect match with its red sibling “Parade” and is best used for beds and borders. “Golden Parade” is grown at the farm of Ruigrok Flowerbulbs in De Zilk, the Netherlands. 

Darwin Hybrid Tulips show giant flowers on strong stems, and are amongst the tallest types of tulips (22-24 inches Tall)

Wholesale Darwin Hybrid Tulip bulbs are the best and most popular class for landschape use, and also make magnificent cut flowers. They will bloom mid season, mostly in April.

Of all the tulip bulb groups, Darwin Hybrid Tulips have the strongest perennial qualities.

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