FERN (Plants/Root) Shade Loving Plant,Low growing ,Zone 4 - 8


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Plant Description

Low growing eastern US native fern. Produces a spreading habit with narrow, upright fronds. Fronds are dark, leathery and just 5 inches wide. Spreads via underground rhizomes. Excellent choice for groundcover in shaded beds and borders. Herbaceous

There's a reason ferns are in almost all cut flower arrangements!
Ferns are an excellent texture in the shade garden for background, contrast, and or just for their beautiful arching fronds.

From large to small, they're great for your shady areas, but there are some that don't mind a sunny spot. And remember, a fern nearby makes every perennial that blooms just as beautiful as an arrangement in a vase. Show off your best blooms with these beautiful companion plants.eze them back in the fall. They are quite free from disease or insect pests, and thus are easy to grow in the native gardens or border plantings around the home. Average garden soil may be made suitable for ferns by adding liberal quantities of peat moss or compost. An abundant supply of water is also needed throughout the season to promote vigorous growth. The best time to transplant ferns is in the spring about a month before the average last frost date, or in the fall a couple weeks after the average first frost date

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