Darwin Hybrid, Cosmopolitan,'Bloom Mid Spring,12/+cm,

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Tulips are the indispensable blooms of the spring garden, as they bring it to life. They are unique in the range of size, shape, and bold color found in almost every color spectrum, that only tulips provide. Tulips are suitable for a wide range of plantings, are excellent in the rock garden, in formal beds, as elegant cut flowers, and for containers. They can be used in nearly any garden design scheme. Flowers are upward facing, with linear to lance-shaped green leaves on the stem. Tulip descriptions can become quite technical, as they are grouped into 15 different divisions, describing the petals, stamens, and leaves in detail. Plant several different varieties of tulips throughout the garden to extend the blooming time. Cosmopolitan tulips produce large blooms atop strong tall stems. Leaves are purplish striped. Bold color in the garden and vase, with long lasting flowers. Lives up to its name.

  • Eye catching color with purplish variegated leaves
  • Long-lasting
  • Excellent choice for the cut garden
  • Bulb size 12 plus/cm
  • Tulips are the indispensable blooms of the spring garden, as they bring it to life
  • Tulips can be used in nearly any garden design scheme
  • Incredible source of inexpensive color for the garden
  • To ensure optimal results, allow adequate space and sunlight, plant at the appropriate depth, and feed with a well balanced fertilizer, remove the flowers as soon as they go, but allow the leaves to yellow before removing, best planted in late fall, some gardeners treat tulips as annuals, for an informal look, plant in groups in natural swathes or bouquets
  • In USDA zones 8-10, refrigerate the bulbs for no less than 8-weeks, in the garden, plant them before frost, but not as early as in the northern part of the country, planting them in a lightly shaded area will keep them cool and prolong blooming

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