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Crocus Species Ruby Giant,, Fall Planting Bulb, !

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Crocus Ruby Giant, bedding, Rock gardens,borders,Size 5/7cm
A sturdy little crocus from Holland with strong stems and broad purple petals. The flowers have frosty white highlights inside and red-violet shading outside. Like all crocus, they close up on cloudy days and open wide when it's sunny. Blooms extra-early and is a good naturalizer.
First Flowers of Spring
Blooms Year After Year
Pollen-Rich Flowers for Bees
Garden care: Plant bulbs in naturalistic drifts 10cm (4in) deep in September or October.
election with “silvery shaded outer petals and beautifully contrasting purple inner petals”
Garden care: Plant bulbs in tight clusters to form naturalistic drifts 10cm deep where they can be left undisturbed for several years. Keep a look out for mice or squirrel damage. This can sometimes be avoided by laying a piece of chicken wire over the bulbs before you cover them with soil. If you are growing these in grass, avoid mowing it until the leaves have completely died back.

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