Cosmos Flowers Seeds ,YELLOW ,One of the most popular annuals Flowers to grow !

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One of the most popular annuals to grow from flower seeds, Cosmos Bipinnatus, provide such an amazing display of color for the little amount of work they require.
Cosmos - Yellow
Cosmos flowers are native to Mexico and require full sun. Cosmos work well as cut flowers and are good container plants. The Cosmos seed is a popular source of food for birds. Cosmos do not like extremely rich soil, if fertilized they will often grow too tall and not be able to stabilize themselves. Planting Cosmos and watering them until they are established will yield the highest quality plant. Once they are established they do not need nearly as much water. These flowers thrive in warm weather and in turn do not tolerate cold or wintry climates.
Directly sow Cosmos Sulphureus seeds into prepared seed beds after danger of frost has passed. Klondike Cosmos seeds can be scattered onto the prepared soil. Lightly rake the soil over the Cosmos seeds at a depth of 1/16 inch. Keep the Cosmos flower seed moist until germination. Blooms appear in about 10 weeks after sowing Cosmos flower seed.
Product Details:
Product Name: Cosmos - Yellow
Latin Name: Cosmos bipinnatus
Type: Flower
Color: yellow
Cycle: Annual
Origin: Introduced
Height: 24-40"
Germination Time: 7-21 Days
Planting Season: Spring and Fall
Bloom Season: Spring-Fall
Seeds Per Pound: 89000
Seeding Rate (lbs./acre): 30

Materials: cosmos,Cosmos Flowers Seeds,YELLOW

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