ORIENPET Lily ,MONTEGO BAY - ( Bulbs) huge flowers , fruity fragrance


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The vibrant burnt-raspberry flowers of sunset-like Montego Bay fade to blushed raspberry and yellow at its edges with a bright yellow center. Orienpet Lilies combine the stature of the Chinese Trumpet Lily with the exotic beauty of the Oriental Hybrid Lily. Their huge, waxy flowers have slightly recurved petals and a subtle, fruity fragrance. Bulb size: 14/16 cm. July/August. 4' to 6'. HZ: 4-8.most Oriental lilies, which makes them ideal for perennial beds and borders, entryways and containers. Plant extras for cutting so you can enjoy their fragrance indoors.
Excellent for Bouquets
Grows Well in Containers
The most flamboyant personalities in the world of Lilies are to be found among the Oriental hybrids, with their huge flowers, intense fragrance, and rich colors. If your garden seems dull in late summer, jazz it up with this enticing mixture of late bloomers. Enormous flowers in vibrant shades of pink, crimson, pure white, pink-and-white, and gold-and-white appear on straight stems in July and August. The show is breathtaking, the perfume intoxicating -- especially as the sun dips below the horizon. In this mix, the stems heights vary from 3ft to 5ft, and the flowers may be bowl-shaped or flat-faced, sometimes with recurved petals. Use these spectacular Lilies to fill spaces in flower borders or indulge yourself and plant a dozen or two in the cutting garden, for they make the most extravagant bouquets. Bulbs are individually labeled. 18 bulbs cover 18 sq. ft.
Lily Tom Pouce
Tom Pouce features a unique combination of pale, orchid-pink petals and vivid yellow stripes. This semi-dwarf Oriental lily has large, upward-facing blossoms and a knockout fragrance. A great choice for perennial borders, containers and cutting gardens.

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