Oriental Lily- Lavon - ( Bulbs) Perennial- !


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This magnificent lily illuminates the garden, producing up to eight pure-white flowers per stem. Casa Blanca is intensely fragrant and a classic favorite for flower arrangements. (Lilium)

How your plants arrive
Your plant arrives to you as bulbs. Once planted in spring, they sprout to develop lovely leaves and handsome flower spikes through the summer.
Whether placed in your garden, a planter on the front porch, or a hanging box off the deck railing, these two varieties of perennial lily bulbs eventually bloom to bring lovely , inviting fragrance.
Planting Facts
Plant in spring
Best in hardiness zones 3-9
Grows in full or partial sun
Blooms in mid- to late summer
Grows to up to 36” tall
Oriental lilies are available in a wide variety of plant sizes and bloom colors. They grow from bulbs which should be planted in the spring or fall. The bulbs do not go dormant and should not be stored. Select and prepare the planting site before purchasing the bulbs so they can be planted right away. When planted properly, they will provide bright colorful blooms for weeks every summer with minimal care

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