ORIENTAL LILY MUSCADET, Borders, Bouquets, Containers, Cut Flowers, Fragrant, Hummingbirds, Butterflies, Rock Gardens


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One of our favorites, it is beaming snow-white flushed pale pink with darker pink midveins and raspberry spotting with a narrow green starburst center. Growing from 3' to 4', these fragrant blooms will likely need to be staked. Bulb size: 16/18 cm. July/August. HZ: 5-8.

Hardy Lilies

Planting Facts
Plant in spring
Best in hardiness zones 3-9
Grows in full or partial sun
Blooms in mid- to late summer
Grows to up to 36” tall
Good to Know
10 Stargazer XL Oriental lily bulbs and 10 Dwarf Patio lily bulbs
Imported from Holland

This is the perfect no-maintenance lily to add to your flower border or particularly, your wildflower meadow. A few towering lilies over a wild meadow in full bloom is a wonderful mid-summer sight.

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