Lavendula (Lavender Munstead) – angustifolia (Live Pant/Root ) Perennial , Heirloom English Lavender


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The spicy freshness of English Lavender has spellbound and entranced people for centuries. Who can resist the bright, clean fragrance of a spray of fresh Lavender? 
Our Heirloom strain grows easily and produces plants of silvery-gray foliage and dainty purple flowers. The strong, clear perfume is carried throughout the leaves. 
Dried bunches make welcome potpourris, sachet, for the bath, and indoor herbal flower arrangements or wreaths.
A much-loved variety that is best grown where the scent can be appreciated. Attracts bees and butterflies to the garden. Prefers a dry, infertile soil and is heat resistant. The dried flowers retain their fragrance and color for months. Tolerates clipping and will form a handsome hedge.

Munstead' is a compact, early-flowering English lavender cultivar that was first introduced into commerce in 1916. It is a semi-woody perennial that typically grows to 15-18" tall and as wide. Lavender blue flowers appear in terminal spikes in late spring well into summer. Square stems are clad with very narrow, opposite or whorled, green-gray leaves (to 2" long) that are evergreen in warm winter climates. English lavender species plants have been mainstays of herb gardens for many years. Species plants of this lavender are commercially planted for the harvesting of its oils for use in perfumes. Lavender flowers and foliage are also popular additions to sachets and potpourris. English lavender varieties are more often used for culinary purposes than other types of lavender. 'Munstead' was reportedly named for Munstead Woods in England where the plant was grown by garden designer Gertrude Jekyll (1843-1932).

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