HELLEBORUS Orientalis-Hybr Seeds. Lady-Series 'Double Ladies Mixed' Lenten Rose Flowers


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Usage: suitable for cutting,Growth Habit: groundcover / clumping / dense / evergreen

 A selection of colorful doubles. The 'Double Ladies' are choice accent plants, but when planted in groups of five or more, they are commanding. Early spring flowering. From deep open flat prick-out at the cotyledon stage.

  • Historical: Introduced by JELITTO PERENNIAL SEEDS in 2006
  • Plant Description
  • Life Cycle: Perennial
  • Family: Ranunculaceae
  • Origin: Garden Origin.
  • Basic Colour: (mixture)
  • Flower Colour: a fantastic array of doubles in shades of white, yellow, pinks, reds and purples
  • Natural Flowering Period: February - April
  • Flower: double
  • Winter Hardiness Zones: Z3 - Z8 
  • Foliage: semi-evergreen
  • Height with Flowers: 35 cm
  • Spacing between Plants: 45 cm
  • Soil Requirements: average
  • Location:
  • Characteristics: toxic plant
  • Plug tray recommended size(s): deep open flats / 72
  • Sowing Direction:
  • (19) To stop the germination inhibition give seeds a warm compost (about +22°C) [about 72°F] with constant humidity for at least 6 weeks. Then keep cold (–4 to +4°C) [25 to 39°F] for 6–8 weeks. Usually, the germination starts at +4°C [39°F]. Raise temperatures gradually up to +10°C [50°F] until germination is completed. If the warm or cold period was not long enough the seeds will not germinate until the following year. They will then need another warm period (summer) and a cold period (winter). Well-known examples: Cimicifuga and Helleborus.

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