New Zealand Edelweiss, South Island Edelweiss, grandiceps flowers seeds ,rock garden, perennial

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White felt-like Edelweiss flowers, compact white felt-like cushions
These perennial seeds germinate very irregularly over a long period. Lower temperatures of less than +5°C [41°F] are very effective. Seed trays should not be discarded prematurely. Constant moisture must be maintained. Do not leave in direct sunlight. For Alstroemeria we recommend to keep sowing for 3 weeks at approximately +30°C [86°F], then 3 weeks at +5°C [41°F], then at +21°C [70°F].Life Cycle: Perennial

Family: Asteraceae

Special Features: White felt-like Edelweiss flowers, compact white felt-like cushions.

Basic Colour: (white / cream)
Flower Colour: white
Natural Flowering Period: June - July

Winter Hardiness Zones: Z7 - Z10 
Foliage: white felt-like
Growth Habit: cushion
Height with Flowers: 10 cm
Soil Requirements: well-drained / average
Usage: for the rock garden

How To Grow Edelweiss From Seed:
It is recommended to sow Edelweiss ground cover seeds indoors 4 - 6 weeks before last frost and transplant outdoors when temperatures have warmed. Edelweiss herb seeds are very small, so do not cover them. Just gently press seeds into the soil in the starter tray. Water from underneath the tray. Transplant the Edelweiss ground cover in a mostly sunny area and in soil that has excellent drainage. Rock gardens, raised beds, or even containers are ideal environments for Edelweiss

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