DAHLIA DINNERPLATE) Moms Special ( 2 Tuber ) Great Cut Flowers , Perennial !


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Dinnerplate Dahlias flower giant colorful blooms as big as dinnerplate. Each bloom is capable of measuring 8-10" in diameter. Moms Special (1 tuber). Dainty Pale streaked petals in a soft lilac. Almost looks as if it is sugar coated.Perennial only in Zones 8-10.
Why Grow Dinnerplate Dahlias?
Few flowers offer the color and form diversity of dahlias
Dinnerplate dahlias are garden showgirls; flashy, sensational and thrilling.
Pinch young plants to produce the biggest blooms
Dahlias are a tender perennial that are vigorous and fast growing. Bulbs must be lifted from the ground in zones 7 and lower. This is an outstanding addition to the flower border or container garden. Dahlias are an old-fashioned favorite and superb, long lasting cut flowers. Flowers bloom first year and add a lovely spot of color in the garden. Heat resistant. Your Dahlias will bloom from mid summer until frost. They are a welcome addition to the garden late in the season when other flowers are fading.
Size: #1 Clump • Hardiness: Tender • Bulb Type: Tuberous Root
Height: 40" • Spacing: 20"
Exposure: Full sun • Bloomtime: Mid Summer-Frost
Foliage: Green • Flower: Deep Purple, 7+" Dinnerplate Blooms
Whn to Plant Outdoors:
Plant in spring, after the ground warms to about 50º F.
Easy to grow
1. Dig a hole 3-4" deep.
2. Set the tuberous root firmly in place.
3. Cover the tuberous root with soil and water thoroughly.

Planting instructions: Plant Dahlias in well-drained soil in a sunny location. Supply ample moisture and fertilizer during the growing season. When the plant reaches 1-1/2' in height, trim entire plant to 1'. In about two weeks trim the plant again back to about 1-1/2'. This will encourage your Dahlia to produce an abundance of flowers. Remove all spent flowers.

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